Conkers Forest School
ConkersForest School

A Typical Session at Conkers 

A typical session at Conkers, starts with safety first! Children are walked around the forest and made aware of the possible safety hazards such as nettles and uneven ground.  Children are then engaged in various activities such as den building, potion making in our mud kitchen, bug collecting, tree splats, plant spotting, leaf snap, the list is endless.  Fun is our main aim in the Forest but whilst having this fun the children learn about the environment and how to care for it.  We can tailor sessions specifically for age groups and with older children take things to another level with tools and wood to make trinkets, whittling wood etc.

Conkers can also cater for parties providing a real alternative to the normal kids venues.   So.... now you know what we do all you need to do is contact us to book a session on 07976 324353.  


Have a look around you, nothing  is more amazing than nature.  

Conkers is running every Tuesday for the under 5yrs.  For the over 5yrs we run once monthly either on Saturdays or After school.

Check this page out for future dates.  

Session Dates 

For the under 5yrs -

Sessions run every Tuesday, 10am - 12pm at a cost of £10 per child. Places must be booked in advance. Please email for details and bookings. 


Over 5yrs -

Please email for dates and times of sessions. 


School, Nurseries and Educational Settings -

For informatiom on our services please email 










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