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ConkersForest School


What is a Forest School? 


It’s not a new concept, since mankind was created we have played and learnt through our outside experiences.  Close your eyes and think of your fondest childhood memory.............  Chances are that memory is outdoors?  The Forest School movement has been strong within Scandinavian countries since the early 1980's and prominent in the UK since the early 1990's in rural areas such as Scotland and Wales.  It has become a focus for our current government to develop more sites within the UK for Forest School after the benefits to children have been recognised by education authorities to be overwhelming.  I have seen children’s self-confidence and esteem grow at a rapid pace whilst experiencing forest school and I am convinced that all children where possible should get an opportunity to attend a forest school environment.  It would be a personal dream for all educational outlets to have this type of facility. 

Conkers is running every Tuesday for the under 5yrs.  For the over 5yrs we run once monthly either on Saturdays or After school.

Check this page out for future dates.  

Session Dates 

For the under 5yrs -

Sessions run every Tuesday, 10am - 12pm at a cost of £10 per child. Places must be booked in advance. Please email for details and bookings. 


Over 5yrs -

Please email for dates and times of sessions. 


School, Nurseries and Educational Settings -

For informatiom on our services please email 










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